Product Design

Packaging Design

Contracted with Certified to overhaul their cosmetic product line. These products included; facial wax, shaving gel and hair pomade. Though they had products already, they were looking for a different cleaner more elegant aesthetic. After performing a competitive audit, in align with the client, I determined less is more. The designing of these products required me to have consistent communication with the vendors to ensure the designs met their specifications.

Ecommerce UX/UI

Another primary responsibility as a UX/UI designer/Consultant was to update their e-commerce website, powered by Shopify. The main problem the client was having, was the flow of their website. They wanted to have related items appear if someone selected an item. They were also getting complaints from their customers because they were finding it hard to get to the checkout. The solution to the issue was to change the layout and the layout architecture.


Last but not least, there was a task to create advertisement materials for their brand. These assets were for large format print. The idea for public facing advertisement was to get the message across as if it was an already established brand. The idea for their office posters/flyers was to be more informational.

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