8es Babys

Branding Design

Brand Guidelines

8es Babys Production is a gaming development company whose visual identity revolves around the logo (previously created). With this in mind as a brand strategist, the task was to create guidelines around logo usage, this includes: logo usages, logo misuse, and logo margins & sizing. In which, there are some basic, well-recognized best practices that should be followed when using brand identity marks.

Brand Voice

While establishing how the brand would be recieved, consistency with the brand voice had to be achieved. The brand voice while promoting the company had to be determined. In order to align with the nature and culture of the company, the voice of 8es Babys production was deemed to be one of “corporate fun”. The idea was to present themselves in a jolly yet professional manner. In addition, a considerable number of puns would be employed in the title to further push the agenda of the 80’s and further align with the brand apparel.

Brand Apparel

Upon delivering such “good work” on the logo guide, there came a task to create designs for 8es Babys apparel. This led to a larger project, which was to create a brand guide for a majority of aspects of 8es Babys branding. However, the idea was to design with nostalgia references to the 80’s, as this was the overall theme of 8es Babys Production. Video games, movies and lifestyle of the 1980’s were to be the main display of wording and imagery in apparel designs. The goal of the apparel will be to sell the brand, not the gaming products of 8es Babys Production.

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