Real Estate Media

Clay Visions Realty Media is a company specifically designed to meet the digital marketing needs of the real estate industry. The overall idea is to meet the needs of realtors, agents, mortgage companies, and the like. The standards are simple. Professional Touch - Of course everyone has a camera in their pocket but the major difference of the final image is in lighting, shot selection, and post production. Next is experience - More experience not only means less mistakes, it also comes with wisdom and information. That being said more than just photos and videos are produced, solutions to pain-points are also offered. Last but not least is pricing - pricing is 100% transparent. The clients' 1st quote will be the final quote. With a firm understanding of ROI's, clients will never feel overpriced or cheated.


Sometimes you only get 1 shot at a first impression. We understand what type of imagery the industry wants and needs to see. We also provide this imagery in the highest quality possible. Below are a couple of images digitally enhanced to transform a day image into a night image.

Below are some interior photos of homes for sale. Shot with a wide angle lens each photo captures the best spacious view that can be witnessed with the human eye. These images have also been color corrected to enhance lighting and shading details. This process is commonly referred to as HDR. 


Sometimes still pictures don’t tell the whole story, there is so much more and potential buyers want to see it all. For that reason video is the perfect solution. These videos are shot in 4k with a cinematic feel. If wanted or needed drone footage is available as well. For a more personal touch, realtor and agents can also be featured in the tour of the home. Below are a couple of videos shot, edited and directed by Clay Visions Designs.

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